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Our Coffee

Unser Kaffee

We Believe You Deserve an Amazing Coffee

Coffee - it’s just a single word, but it means so many different things to so many people.

For so many people it’s simply the one and only way to get the day started. It’s a complete pick-me-up out of the bed motivational force. It’s a piece of liquid courage when you need courage to be found. It’s a way to have a break away from work moment or it’s a way to share time with others at work. It’s an important reason to meet up with friends – let’s catch up for a coffee. It’s an emotional stimulant which delivers comforts when comfort is needed. It’s even a bedtime drink for some people. The fact is that coffee is more than a simple drink - it’s a way of life.

With the Velibre 100% home compostable capsule, filled with premium organic and fairtrade coffee, we promise to make sure that the expectations for the coffee part of your life are totally met.

velibre Fact 1 - Nespresso kompatibel
velibre Fact 1 - Nespresso kompatibel
velibre Fact 3 - 100% BIO
velibre Fact 1 - Nespresso kompatibel
velibre Fact 6 - 100% Transparenz
Unser Kaffee

Velibre Coffee is 100% Organic/Fairtrade

It’s not just Velibre coffee. It is coffee which is both 100% organic and fairtrade sourced.

All our coffee is organic which means that our green beans are the product of a farming system which avoids the use of man-made fertilizers, pesticides and growth regulators. It’s not part of our philosophy that we use chemicals which kill the bees which we want to save. Our green beans are also 100% GMO free.

All the Velibre coffee bean farmers use organic agriculture based processes which means that the farmers focus on creating environmentally, socially and economically sustainable production.

At present 4 of our 5 blends are both organic and fairtrade. The movement for Velibre to have all fairtrade is a major milestone for us. This is because we are deeply committed to fair, direct and transparent trading relationships with our coffee farmers and our cooperatives throughout the world’s coffee lands.

It is a fact that coffee is the second largest internationally traded commodity in the world. As a result of the extraordinary demand for coffee the coffee bean industry has become one of the largest sites of forced employment and child slavery around the world.

The International Labor Organization estimates that there are over 200 million child slaves working to produce many of our everyday purchases of coffee and cocoa. Those forced workers and child slaves have little or no rights. They are exploited for their work, forced to work long hours with little or no pay.

Velibre will never accept that any of our coffee has come from abused workers. This is why we have moved to 100% fairtrade. When you choose to buy Velibre fairtrade and organic coffee you are choosing to vote for the ethical treatments of the workers around the world who are responsible for our daily coffee fix.

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