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The Velibre Story

About us - The beginning

The beginning

It’s a magical story that began in a kitchen with a few people drinking coffee and talking about how much waste the Nespresso® capsule market had created.

The talk soon turned into ideas that maybe we could do something about the waste issue and those ideas then turned into Velibre GmbH being created in September 2013.

The first Velibre production was in Bulgaria in a town called VELIko Tarnovo hergestellt. The HQ and distribution centre was from BREmen.

It is a tale of two cities that became one word VELIBRE. It is a word that holds within it the wordLIBRE, which means free or having liberty. We believe that people are free to choose an ethical product. We have given them that choice.

The Velibre dream needed a really lot of dreamers and somehow we found them. We found bio experts who dedicated their time freely to develop our home compostable material. We found investors from many countries who liked the bio dream so much they put their hands deep into their own pockets to fund us. It took a team of people in our HQ who gave their work for free to keep Velibre alive. We are more than alive. We grow from strength to strength.

velibre Fact 1 - Nespresso kompatibel
velibre Fact 1 - Nespresso kompatibel
velibre Fact 3 - 100% BIO
velibre Fact 1 - Nespresso kompatibel
velibre Fact 6 - 100% Transparenz
About us

From our start in September 2013 to now we have constantly been developing and improving the Velibre product.

In May 2014 we created the world’s first closed capsule which required no outer packaging. We didn’t stand still. That’s because in June 2015 we then created the world’s first home compostable capsule. In June 2016 we launched the world’s first 100% compostable capsule filled with 100% organic and fairtrade coffee.

In 2017 we began to develop the revelutionary paper capsule. This project was tremendously difficult, but we were successful. It took us over 18 months and hundreds of prototypes. For us paper is the only material, which can offer a truly sustainable and compostable solution. We believe that paper is the perfect solution to manage the environmental catastrophy caused by the coffee capusle industry.

We believe that innovation never ends. We continue to push areas such as with regards to corporate transparency. Velibre is the world’s first Nespresso® compatible coffee capsule company to show you exactly where your coffee comes from and what happens to it on the journey from green bean to your hands.

On our website we have created a batch number tracker system. When you input your batch number it will tell you the cooperative where your organic/fairtrade green beans came from. It will also tell you who roasted and who ground, packaged, shipped them and so on.

It has been a truly rock and roll journey for the Velibre Team. We all feel incredibly proud and lucky to be part of this amazing project.


Our Mission

To become the world’s number one supplier of 100% paper coffee capsules for the Nespresso® compatible machine systems.

We will achieve this by establishing an organization of highly motivated individuals who will create the Velibre brand that people instantly recognize as being the leader in the biodegradable coffee capsule market.

Our brand will always be based on the belief that our people are our most important resource we have and we will loyally care for our people whatever we do.

We will always be guided by humanity. It will be our actions that will show our morality and not words. We will create an emotional organization which has a heart.

(Click here to read the complete Velibre Philosophy – Level 42)

About us - Our Mission

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