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Velibre is giving away
2 000 000 paper capsules

Whatever you buy, you will get double

Only 17 Cents per capsule

(Offer only until 30th September - Delivery October to December 2018)

The time has come to be an environment hero

Drink Velibre coffee and save the world

Unsere Kapseln 1
Unsere Kapseln 2
Unsere Kapseln 3
  • 100% Paper Coffee Capsules

  • Nespresso® Compatible Capsules

  • Fairtrade and Organic Coffee

Velibre - is far more than a company that just puts coffee in capsules. Velibre is an idea, a mission and it is a question of faith and belief in being good. This is with regards to the use of environmentally friendly materials or with the fair handling of all people who accompany the journey of our coffee from the bean to the cup.

We only use high quality coffee beans from controlled organic cultivation and we place great emphasis on sustainability and transparency. We offer different espresso and lungo varieties in unique compositions from velvety smooth to amazingly strong.

Here you can find more information about velibre.  

Make Yourself a Delicious Coffee

Velibre is available in five delicious varieties each with its own unique taste notes and with varying levels of intensity.

We offer all our varieties individually or in our mix package or you can pick your favourite blends yourself. - Your Coffee, Your Mix!

Whether you love strong or gentle or mild or whether it’s a coffee for Monday morning or Sunday afternoon our coffees will prepare you for every situation.

Our Coffee

Our Coffee

Transparency is one of the most powerful forces which motivates the Velibre Team. We are passionate about openness. The words "Organic" and "Fairtrade" are not just marketing words for us. You will see this when you look into the part of our website called "Our Coffee". There we explain everything about the high-quality coffee varieties we use for Velibre coffee capsules and we give you all the data that we have which will show you every single step of the amazing journey from the green bean farm to the coffee that you have ordered. That is transparency.

Learn more  
Our Capsules

Our Capsules

Our capsules are not just compostable, but they are 100% biodegradable! You can read what materials we use for our capsules and what is behind the Velibre sustainability program.

Learn more  
Our History

Our History

If you are interested in our history and you want to know more about the people behind Velibre and how the first idea came about and what has been done and developed since then or if you want to know why we are called "Velibre" then just visit the section called "About Us" and all will be explained.

Learn more  

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